Magana Estates does it all. 

Choosing a home is one of the most important decisions a person can make, and Magana Estates takes pride in guiding each of our clients through the process of finding that special home where so many memories will be made.

With over 20 years of experience guiding each client through the process from start to finish – from setting housing goals, finding homes to look at, negotiating the best purchase price and avoiding costly mistakes, to answering all questions about the local area.

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Selling Properties

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Every home sale is different, there is no formula. Selling a property goes well beyond listing it in the local MLS listing. Experience in the Houston market is of huge benefit to any home sale. For sellers, a written report of relevant transactions in the area market to comparable properties in order to determine the best price for the property. Frequent updates to this analysis are provided as new sales in the area are completed. Consultation with regards to the property itself is provided in order to obtain the best price and quick marketability. A marketing strategy is implemented for the property, including professionally taken photos and listing on


Choosing the right home is one of the most important investment a buyer can make, and having an experienced real estate team is of the utmost importance. To start the buying process, a list of buyer qualifications is developed. Based on the buyer's desires and budget, a list of properties that fall within the specific criteria are provided to each buyer. Whether it's viewing one or fifty homes, Magana Estates is dedicated to giving the best possible service to each and every client. When negotiations begin, a buyer can trust an experienced realtor to get them the best possible value and guide them around any potential pitfalls. 

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Just like buying a home, a good understanding of the market for renting is also very important. Magana Estates can help. Since the landscape of Houston is changing in many parts of town, it's important to work with a realtor that understands the respective areas. Houston has a huge rental market, so it's important to make sure to use an experienced real estate agent. 


Do you have a property that you want to rent? Property rental is a great investment, and with the changing Houston economy the rental market is poised to increase in demand. The Texas Medical Center, the Energy corridor, Clear Lake, Montrose, Pearland and The Woodlands all have specific economic activities that drive demand for a certain kind of renter. 

Property Management

Beyond simply leasing properties, Magana Estates provides property management services for single family homes, townhomes and condominiums. Finding renters, taking collections, providing property maintenance and service is all handled. The property owner gets a check for the collected monthly rent, minus the management fees, so they can have a carefree asset making them money. 

Contact Us for any property managment specific inquiries.